How to Buy E-Currency

Step 1. Sign up for free to become a member. Click Sign up or Sign in

Step 2. Log in with your phone number and password to buy e-currency.

Step 3. You can buy e-currency through your e-wallet on the portal. You can add fund to your wallet through ATM card payment, bank transfer or deposit into our bank account. If you are paying via bank deposit or transfer, kindly include this statement:
(PAYMENT FROM YOURNAME/YOUR PHONE NUMBER) into the space provided for Remark or Memo e.g. PAYMENT FROM Dapo/08034557351

Step 4. After payment, Log in to your customer and fill the Buy E-currency form; E-CURRENCY TYPE, E-CURRENCY ACCOUNT, AMOUNT TO PURCHASE

STEP 5. Your e-currency account will be funded immediately your payment is confirmed and we will send you an e-mail/SMS.

Kindly follow all the steps highlighted above to avoid transaction delay and issue.
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All card payments are securely handled and monitored by VoguePay.
You can pay with any Nigeria debit card and get value instantly.

EAGLEPAY does not store your card details. A secure transfer is made to interswitch where you can complete your payment. EAGLEPAY is certified by Interswitch and secured with Digicert so you can be rest assured your purchases on our platform are safe and secure

You can also pay with your EAGLEPAY Wallet.